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Book 2:
Savior A  Perfect Love Story

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October 25, 2022

A Perfect Love Story Book 2

This book is a continuation of the Savior: A Perfect Love Story Book Series. 


There are six books in the series. 


You must read the books in order. 


If you haven’t read Book One, please do not proceed to Book Two.


Summary of Savior: A Perfect Love Story Book Series 

Medical Physician Kerrington Moreau has big dreams for her life. She wants a great career, a great husband, a great house, and an extraordinary life. 


But, at the age of 28, she still finds herself single (never been in a relationship) and living in her parent’s house (because of her student loan debt). 


Until, one night, she says a prayer. She pours out her heart to God for the perfect man to love her. 


A few months later, she meets Joshua Creed at her sister’s wedding. When she first meets Joshua, her entire life begins to turn around. She is totally captivated by him. But, after that night, she doesn’t see Joshua again for two years. She begins to wonder if her encounter with him was even real. 


Carpenter and Entrepreneur Joshua Creed has one mission in life: to fulfill his God-given purpose. However, Joshua is enchanted with the gorgeous Kerrington Moreau when he meets her at her sister’s wedding. 


Her beauty and innocence is what draws him to her. He knows from the moment they meet that she is a part of his God-given purpose. But, that night, he doesn’t pursue her. It’s going to take a challenge for Joshua to get her. 


Their journey to love is not an easy one.

They are both in for a rude awakening when marriage is not what they expect it to be. 


On top of that, there is more to Joshua than what meets the eye. He has a secret about his identity that he has yet to reveal to Kerrington. 


And Kerrington has her own things that she’s dealing with. She has wanted this perfect love her entire life. She has prayed for it, begged God for it, but will she truly appreciate it when it’s given to her?


Will Joshua and Kerrington be able to overcome their differences for their perfect love? 

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