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Dental Tip: How Often Should You Brush Your Teeth?

Updated: Jan 14

Date: 5/30/2021

Song: So Fresh, So Clean by Outkast

Time: 6:22 am

Ever since high school, I have loved the song So Fresh, So Clean by Outkast. I can vividly remember watching the music video with my twin brother and us, and all of our friends imitating the dance that they were doing throughout the video, stepping side to side to the beat.

I have so many great memories associated with this song and it has a catchy chorus, which says, “Ain’t nobody dope as me, I’m just so fresh and so clean, clean. I love when you stare at me, I’m just so fresh and so clean”

It’s definitely a confidence booster song and I’m all about having self-confidence and self-empowerment (with God, of course).

Anyway, now when I think of the song, I think about having fresh breath. There is nothing like having a fresh and clean mouth every day. You want your teeth to be clean and your breath to be fresh. So, I’m here to give you some tips to accomplish having a so fresh and so clean, clean mouth.

  1. Brush twice a day for 2 minutes with fluoride toothpaste

  2. Floss at least twice daily

  3. See your dentist at least twice a year (every six months) for cleanings and exams.

  4. If you have gum disease (periodontal disease) you may have to see your dentist more often than six months.

  5. If you have cavities, get them treated early, so that you won’t have many dental problems later. An untreated cavity can lead to you needing more advanced dental work such as a crown, root canal, or extraction. So you want to treat decay (cavities) early!

  6. Eat a healthy diet and limit sugars and carbs, which can contribute to you having more cavities

  7. Use mouthwash in adjunct to brushing and flossing. Rinse for about 30 seconds and spit the rinse out.

I hope that you find these tips helpful!

Until next time...

May God Richly Bless You,

Dr. Rich

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