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Explanation of the Savior A Perfect Love Story Series

Date: 2/26/2023

Song: Kiss of Life By Sade

Time: 1:10 pm

Hi, Friends!

Let me tell you more about the Savior A Perfect Love Story Series, so you can better understand each book as the series progresses.

Savior A Perfect Love Story Book 1 is about the story's heroine, Kerrington Moreau, and her journey to self-discovery as a single woman. She navigates her personal, professional, and spiritual life as she desires to find love. It is also the book where she meets our story's hero, Joshua Creed.

Savior A Perfect Love Story Book 2 is where Kerrington and Joshua continue to get to know each other, and as Kerrington learns more about Joshua, we, as the readers, get to know more about him. In this book, some characteristics of Joshua’s secret identity are revealed, and you learn more about his past and where he comes from.

Savior A Perfect Love Story Book 3 is where Kerrington and Joshua officially start dating, and their relationship becomes more serious. Through their courtship, they learn much about each other and themselves as they navigate their lives, relationships, careers, family, and friends. But there are some obstacles along the way, so you must stay tuned to see if they find their perfect love story.

In the Savior Series, each book builds on the next as the lives of Joshua Creed and Kerrington Moreau unfold.

I always like to say that the Savior Series is more than a love story. It’s a life story!

As the story progresses, you will be in for many surprises and spicy 🌶scenes, so stay tuned and enjoy the books!

Until Next Time…

May God Richly Bless You,

Dr. Rich 💋

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