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Savior A Perfect Love Story Excerpt 8

Date: 6/28/2024

Time: 7:15 pm

Song: For the Love of You (Pt. 1&2) by The Isley Brothers

Hi Friends!

I want to share with you an excerpt from my book series, Savior A Perfect Love Story. It's about a godly, loving, married couple. I hope you enjoy it! I believe their story will enrich your life:


Everything was done a week before the planned proposal date. And I was excited to see Kerrington’s reaction to it. 

The weekend of the proposal, I told Kerrington that I was taking her to a nice, fancy dinner to celebrate our six-month anniversary.

The night of, I picked Kerrington up from her house at seven p.m. dressed in a navy suit and tie with flowers and a ring in my pocket. 

She met me at the door with a bright smile, dressed in a fitted, white, sparkly dress and heels. 

My heart skipped several beats at the sight of her. She looked exquisite. 

Her long hair was curled and parted in the middle, and she had my favorite red lipstick on.

My God! She was stunning. She was the most beautiful woman on this earth.

Smiling, I immediately took her into my arms and kissed her cheek several times before nuzzling my face into the side of her neck. 

Hmm. She smelled amazing, too!

Pulling back, I looked into her face. “You look gorgeous, baby.” 

She smiled. “Thank you, J. And you look so handsome. I love your suit.” 

“Thanks, baby.”

Reaching out, she straightened my tie, and I let her. 

After she finished, she glanced up at me. “There. Now, it’s perfect.”

Leaning down, I kissed her cheek. “You’re perfect.”

She smiled. “Not as perfect as you, superstar.” 

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Until next time….

Happy Reading and May God Richly Bless You,

Dr. Rich 💋

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