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What to Expect: The Inspiration and Mission Behind My Books

Date: 1/9/2022

Time: 11:06 am

Song: Ultralight Beam by Sunday Service Choir

Hi Friends!

I want to share the mission of my books and what to expect from my novels.

First of all, let me say that I love God, and I love romance.

For many years, reading romance books have been a way for me to decompress and relax after a long day or week.

After many years of reading romance, I have finally decided to put my passion for God, writing, and romance into my own Christian Romance Book Series.

I believe that being in love with one person, getting married, starting a family, and building a legacy together is such a beautiful and sexy thing to do, especially when God is the foundation of the relationship.

In my stories, you will fall in love with all of the characters. They all have their own flavor and personality. I think every person will find someone in my books that they can relate to.

My goal is to uplift people, especially Black women and men. I’m an advocate for Black Love, and I want to express the beauty in Black men and women falling in love with each other.

I want to give my readers stories that inspire them to reach higher goals and expand their minds and ways of thinking and living.

My characters are relatable. They’re beautiful women and handsome men.

They are successful. They face struggles, trials, and tribulations.

But, they always come into their happy ending with God in the midst, of course!

My stories will also interweave different social issues that we face in our society into the books. I believe it’s important to discuss these things and find possible solutions to our problems.

For me, becoming the people God created us to be and building a legacy is one of the greatest things that we can aspire to do as human beings with God as our leader and guide.

In my books, get ready for spicy sex scenes, laughter, joy, God, and realistic situations that will put a new spin on the traditional Christian romance novel. My goal is for my art to imitate real life as much as possible.

I hope that you enjoy my stories!

Until next time….

May God Richly Bless You,

Dr. Rich

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